Aluminum alloy retractable gate

1. Material:#6063 Aluminum alloy

2. Main Tube: 50×30×T0.8mm
Middle Tube: 40×31×T1.0mm
3. Working Temperature:-35°C +85°C

4Motors :pedestal:T=3cm/5cm/7cm
Over heat protection.
Voltage frequency:220V/50HZ
Rated Current:2A
Rated output power:420W/550W/650W



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1. Material: Aluminum alloy

2. Main Tube: 80 X 55XT1.5mm
   Cross Tube: 60×50×T1.2mm

3. Engine Voltage and Frequency:~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz

4. Working Temperature: -25+75°C

5. Operation Current≤2.5A×2

6. Remote control distance≥30m

7. Power: 420W/550W/750W, Moving speed: 17-19m/min

8. Standard height: 1.6m

9. color can choose : silver,black,red

10.Max length: 30m

11. Type of guiding track: trackless, single track, double track

12. The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by running backwards automatically at a distance 20-25cm away from a person or an object.

13. The alarm function works while someone climb the gate. (Optional)

14. Electronic soft start-up strengthens operational smoothness by reducing rolling and inertial damage of the head.

15. Double self-lock to prevent any manual lifting.

16. Contact-free control in the whole circuit to ensure the system in safe and reliable operation.

17. Multi protection devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of car smashing.

18. Increasing safety and reliability of the motor by replacing the common temperature sensing protection with current sensing protection function.

19. Displaying words and time on LED, the words may be input up to 1000 words according to customers requirements and language. (Optional)

Rongo Motor system

trackless motor



Foshan Rongo Door Technology company Was established in 2004. Has 10 million RMB of registered capital. The annual turnover is over 250 million RMB, achieved as big as No. 2 in the the retractable gates field, is the one of most professional door, barrier and automatic gate manufacture in Asia. Rongo has three branch factories, there is total 32, 000 square meters. We employed over 10 staffs in R & AMP; D, 12 staffs in QC, more than 80 middle and senior managers and over 500 employees.All of products achieved EU CE & GMC certification and ISO9001: 2008,We have obtained over 50 national patents.

Company profile1

Indonesia Office

01 印尼展厅

PT Surya Gemilang Sejati

Komplek Pergudangan Jakarta Distribution Center  

Kapuk Kamal Raya No.40 Blok E No.7

Kel. Kamal Muara, Kec. Penjaringan

Jakarta Utara 14460




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